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Avoid pain and bone loss

If you have an infection in the nerve of your teeth that is untreated, it can quickly become an abscess. An abscess can lead to additional pain and bone loss. Don't wait to take care of the problem. Get a root canal treatment done today.

When you get a root canal treatment, the infected nerves of your tooth are removed. This is a great way to save your teeth, and the treatment usually lasts as long as your natural teeth. However, sometimes, teeth don't heal correctly as expected and will need retreatment.

Don't let tooth pain take over your life. Get the root canal treatment you need today. Emergency services are available from our very friendly dental clinic. Call us today at 308-234-9339 to get endodontic services.

Get top-quality endodontic services

When you need a root canal, turn to Charles M. Schaepler, DDS, PC. He has been in practice for over 30 years.

Save your natural teeth

Do you have severe pain or an infection in your tooth? Depend on our professionals for endodontic services.


Also known as a root canal therapy, endodontics is the treatment of the interior of the tooth. In many cases, teeth that receive endodontic treatment can be saved.

Remove infection

Call us for emergency services

Call or visit us today for endodontic services. Medicaid is accepted.



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