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Removal of wisdom teeth

Most people don't have room in their mouth for their third molars (more commonly known as wisdom teeth). They often don't grow straight and can cause a considerable amount of pain. Schedule an appointment for wisdom teeth removal today.

Pulling a single tooth is a very different process from pulling multiple teeth. Trust our friendly team of professionals when you need a full-mouth extraction. We have been in practice for more than 30 years.

You don't have to wait to get dentures when you get your teeth extracted. At our clinic, you can get immediate dentures. These dentures will help you feel more confident with your appearance and help you speak and eat normally.

Experts in surgery and removable prosthetics

Depend on the expert staff at Charles M. Schaepler, DDS, PC when you need dental surgery and removable oral prosthetics.

Your one-stop shop for dental services

Get the best oral surgery and removable prosthetics from our dental clinic. A variety of services is available, and we stand behind everything we do.


Medicaid is accepted at our local, family owned and operated practice. Emergency service is also available.

Full-mouth extraction

Immediate dentures

Call or visit us today for dental surgery and removable prosthetics.



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